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Last updated 14th October 2021

We charge a nominal sum to cover the costs of running our meetings. This is to cover the costs of refreshments and the running of the network. We do not charge any membership fees and any surpluses in our funds (once operating costs are met and funds are healthy) are donated to charity.

All income and expenditure of the networking group’s activities are recorded and are available for scrutiny if required, or as and when requested by any member of the group.

Any expenditure of the group, e.g charitable donations, the purchase of consumables, equipment, or website development, must first be agreed by two members of the organising committee.

Management of Activities

the group’s affairs are managed and events organised by a group of South West Wales business owners who regularly meet to discuss organising events and the affairs of the network.

About Face to Face Meetings

These are generally held on a monthly basis at Parc y Scarlets.

Refreshments are provided and the monies collected from running such events are deposited in the network’s funds. No person involved in the running of the network derives personal gain.